Different Types of UK Trademark Search

Easy Guide to Conducting a UK Trademark Search

If you are a start-up business or a well-established company whenever you launch a new product, brand, advertising campaign and even business name there is always the risk of copyright and trademark infringements due to someone else already using the existing name or design that you may have chosen. If this is the case the opposition may be entitled to file for an immediate injunction against yourselves from the court which will obstruct and prevent you from launching this trademark as well as obtain damages for a trademark. The management and maintenance of trademarks are underestimated in there importance and usually get neglected due to other days to day business operations taking priority but what isn’t understood is your trademark could be one of the most important and valuable assets within your company protecting your intellectual property.

However, this does not always have to be the case! Due to situation like the one presented above it is highly recommended that your company undertake an all-inclusive UK trademark search service before deciding on the new product name or brand which will reduce the risk of further legal action being taken due to copyright infringement. If a UK trademark search isn’t conducted and you fail to launch a new design or product due to the issue presented above this could have detrimental consequences including not only financial losses but also underlying issues such as PR damage and loss of management time. Save yourself all the hassle by using a trust UK trademark search service.

Types of UK Trademark Search Available

The first step all business should take before thinking about registering a there chosen trademark does a meticulous UK trademark search across all possible database that correspond to the territories you would like your trademark to be protected. This UK trademark search will delve deep into the archives of the Intellectual Property Office UK to make sure that names, phrases, or symbols that you want to trademark are not already taken. Again as mentioned this is vital to all who are looking to register a trademark as if not conducted and its found someone is already using the identical trademark you leave yourself and your company exposed to legal action against yourself due to infringement.

UK Trademark Search

Screening searches

A screening UK trademark search is an effective and efficient process which will highlight and identify any existing trademarks that may cause issues or obstacles to the proposed use or the ability to obtain a registration for the selected name or phrase chosen.  Although this type of search does not guarantee that your trademark application will be approved and successful, it will help narrow down a significant list of potential names to a much more organise and manageable list.

Specialist Screening Search

The difference between a specialist screening search and a typical UK trademark search is that by conducting a specialist search this database will cover all international trademarks across the world, dating all the way back to 1976. Like previous trademark search options, a specialist screening search will highlight identical or similar trademarks that are being used and registered by there country, region or on an international basis. The purpose of this search is to be able to give you data and trends regarding trademarks so you can notice any patterns in trademarks that have already been registered and published.

Identical Trademark Search

This option, the identical trademark search does exactly what it says on the tin. However, this is a restricted search to purely highlight identical trademark in a specific country chosen meaning that this UK trademark search is a lot quicker and cheaper than a full availability search which will be explained below.

This is a search of the full trademark register in the country of interest. However, the fact that the search is restricted to identical trademarks only means that it is considerably quicker and cheaper than a full availability search.

Full availability searches

Finally, we finish with the most inclusive and extensive searches available, full availability searches. This trademark search will flag any identical or similar trademarks that may be present but also cover phonetic variation of the words or term in questions. This is the longest search of the options available with a typical turnaround time of 5 days followed by the full legal assessment to be produced within 48 hours.