Pallet racking and its inspections…

What is pallet racking?

Pallet racking is a multi-level storage system that is utilised in warehouses to store palletised loads. There are many different types of pallet racking to suit different warehouse environments including very narrow aisle racking and wide aisle racking.

Wide Aisle Racking

Types of pallet racking

Very narrow aisle racking is also known as VNA racking abbreviated. This type of pallet racking is suitable for smaller warehouses as it utilises the space available as these systems have an aisle width from 1.5 – 2 metres. Often, specialist trucks are needed to operate these systems due to the way in which these systems function.

Wide aisle pallet racking is a system that allows easy and quick access to pallets due to the amount of space available. Also, because of the space needed to fit this type of system, this is usually installed into larger warehouses and warehouses that don’t need as many pallets.

As well as the two types of racking discussed above, there are other types. If you are unsure of what type of racking will best benefit you, get in contact with your chosen supplier and they will be able to provide you with further guidance.


When installing pallet racking into your warehouse environment, you must consider the safety of the racking and the safety of the employees working alongside it. Due to this, you have a legal obligation to carry out an annual inspection as well as in-house inspections.

Your annual pallet racking inspection will be carried out by an external company – preferably a SEMA approved inspector. In this inspection, the dedicated individual will inspect your racking and ensure it meets all legal requirements. At the end of the inspection, you will be provided with a report which is produced in line with the SEMA inspection guidelines with specific details of your racking and if there is any damage that needs to be repaired etc.

On the other hand, in house inspections will be carried out by someone internally who has the responsibility to look at the condition of the racking and arrange any repairs or further inspections if necessary. Many training companies offer a racking inspection training course to teach your in-house dedicated individuals how to carry out inspections.


There are many types of hair extensions which are offered by professional hairstylists to provide individuals with longer or thicker hair. The different variations include:

  • Tapes
  • Nano beads
  • Weave
  • Pre-bonded/ fusion
  • Microbead
  • Clip-ins

All the methods stated above are ways in which are available in the market. However, our preferred method is the cold fusion application.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Cold fusion application

This is a single strand application system that delivers minimum heat during the process. Cold fusion allows virtually no heat to be used and still produces amazing transformations/ results and longevity. As well as this the hair will look and feel totally natural.

Hair extensions shade guide

When choosing extensions, you need to ensure that the colour of the extensions matches the colours of your natural hair. However, the extension does not need to match the colour of your natural hair if you are going for a dip dye effect. Occasionally, a pre-colour to the extensions is sometimes needed if the colour match isn’t exact. This ensures a flawless match.

Lasting time of human hair extensions

Hair extensions can last for a period of 6 – 12 months, however in some cases they have been proven to last longer. However, you will need maintenance in between this period. Maintenance involves the hair being re-fitted to the top of the head to maintain extensions with the growth of natural hair. However, you will also need your extensions out from time to time to allow a break for your natural hair. This is highly advised, even though many people do not have a break and therefore have the extensions re-fitted straight away.

What You Need to Know About Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking is also known as pallet racking is a modern way of warehousing that utilizes horizontal space to increase the storage capacity of a warehouse. The beauty of this model is that it ensures that your warehouse is neatly arranged with adequate lighting flowing through the open shelves.

Stocktaking and auditing is also made much easier and you can also implement various warehousing parameters such as FIFO and LIFO stock controls. Warehouse racking can be designed in different ways depending on the items being stored. Hence, herein are the different racking styles that you can adopt.

Pallet Racking Types

· Roll form selective pallet racking

This is the most common racking type. It involves having load beams set onto an upright framework thus forming shelves onto which items can be loaded. This racking type has a tear drop hole on the upright framework onto which the beams are screwed onto using a clip. This clip can be easily adjusted along the teardrop hole to adjust the beam either upwards or downwards.

· Bolt in selective pallet racking

In this type of warehouse racking, the beams are affixed onto the upright beams by use of permanent bolting. As a result, the beam structure is more permanent and is not easily adjustable for increasing the beam size. It is therefore suitable for storing a standard type of material or product.

· Drive through and drive in pallet racking arrangement

This design is made to allow forklifts to either drive in or drive through the warehouse with much ease. Drive through pallet racking has a single entry point to the warehouse and the exit point is located on the other side of the warehouse. Therefore the forklifts are able to drive through. On the other hand, drive in has only one door for entry and exit.

Encase you were wondering just how to get started with warehouse racking, now you have the information needed to just do so in order to adequately utilize the warehouse space available.


pallet racking

Find Local Audi Birmingham Repair Centres

Why Choose an Audi Birmingham Repair Centre?

If your car has been damaged or you have been in an accident there is nothing worse than having to break the bank for repairs and finding a professional and reliable repair centre for your Audi Birmingham can add to all the related stress.

Using an independent garage or repair centre, although it may seem like the best option at the time, can not guarantee the highest of quality repairs and products that an Audi Birmingham approved centre could. These quick and easy repairs from independent garages could have detrimental effects to your vehicle further into the future due to many factors such as incorrect parts, poor quality service, insufficient training and lack of recent technology. However, there is now a solution for efficient and reliable repairs for all Audi Birmingham customers that you can be confident are all conducted to the very highest of standards.

Find An Audi Birmingham Approved Centres

Introducing Audi Birmingham approved centres, a dedicated team of specialist Audi Birmingham engineers will help you with all repairs and maintenance to your vehicle removing the hassle of finding an independent garage. When using an approved centre, you can be confident that all repairs are conducted by Highley trained and experienced technicians using the only manufacturer-approved parts. Audi Birmingham focuses to get you back on the road as quickly as possible with your Audi returning to you as good as new.

Audi R8

Advantages of Audi Birmingham Approved Repair Centres:

Insurance Claims

An insurance company in the event of an accident will try to send you to their insurance repair shops. However, this is your choice, you decide where to get your car repaired and if you leave it to the insurance you can not be sure that genuine parts and repair methods are being used. Therefore, when using an Audi Birmingham approved centre you can be 100% confident that manufacturer-approved parts are being used and the latest repair methods and training are being applied to your vehicle.

Minor Damage Claims

If you do find yourself needing a minor repair due to an accident claiming through your insurance can be a tedious and tiresome job which could also implement further costs. At Audi Birmingham, this is not the case they can offer a range of services discussed with our technicians to meet your specific requirements.

Different Types of UK Trademark Search

Easy Guide to Conducting a UK Trademark Search

If you are a start-up business or a well-established company whenever you launch a new product, brand, advertising campaign and even business name there is always the risk of copyright and trademark infringements due to someone else already using the existing name or design that you may have chosen. If this is the case the opposition may be entitled to file for an immediate injunction against yourselves from the court which will obstruct and prevent you from launching this trademark as well as obtain damages for a trademark. The management and maintenance of trademarks are underestimated in there importance and usually get neglected due to other days to day business operations taking priority but what isn’t understood is your trademark could be one of the most important and valuable assets within your company protecting your intellectual property.

However, this does not always have to be the case! Due to situation like the one presented above it is highly recommended that your company undertake an all-inclusive UK trademark search service before deciding on the new product name or brand which will reduce the risk of further legal action being taken due to copyright infringement. If a UK trademark search isn’t conducted and you fail to launch a new design or product due to the issue presented above this could have detrimental consequences including not only financial losses but also underlying issues such as PR damage and loss of management time. Save yourself all the hassle by using a trust UK trademark search service.

Types of UK Trademark Search Available

The first step all business should take before thinking about registering a there chosen trademark does a meticulous UK trademark search across all possible database that correspond to the territories you would like your trademark to be protected. This UK trademark search will delve deep into the archives of the Intellectual Property Office UK to make sure that names, phrases, or symbols that you want to trademark are not already taken. Again as mentioned this is vital to all who are looking to register a trademark as if not conducted and its found someone is already using the identical trademark you leave yourself and your company exposed to legal action against yourself due to infringement.

UK Trademark Search

Screening searches

A screening UK trademark search is an effective and efficient process which will highlight and identify any existing trademarks that may cause issues or obstacles to the proposed use or the ability to obtain a registration for the selected name or phrase chosen.  Although this type of search does not guarantee that your trademark application will be approved and successful, it will help narrow down a significant list of potential names to a much more organise and manageable list.

Specialist Screening Search

The difference between a specialist screening search and a typical UK trademark search is that by conducting a specialist search this database will cover all international trademarks across the world, dating all the way back to 1976. Like previous trademark search options, a specialist screening search will highlight identical or similar trademarks that are being used and registered by there country, region or on an international basis. The purpose of this search is to be able to give you data and trends regarding trademarks so you can notice any patterns in trademarks that have already been registered and published.

Identical Trademark Search

This option, the identical trademark search does exactly what it says on the tin. However, this is a restricted search to purely highlight identical trademark in a specific country chosen meaning that this UK trademark search is a lot quicker and cheaper than a full availability search which will be explained below.

This is a search of the full trademark register in the country of interest. However, the fact that the search is restricted to identical trademarks only means that it is considerably quicker and cheaper than a full availability search.

Full availability searches

Finally, we finish with the most inclusive and extensive searches available, full availability searches. This trademark search will flag any identical or similar trademarks that may be present but also cover phonetic variation of the words or term in questions. This is the longest search of the options available with a typical turnaround time of 5 days followed by the full legal assessment to be produced within 48 hours.

Top Tips Explaining Glycolic peels

Glycolic peels and Skincare

To some people, skincare and treatments such as glycolic peels and acid peels are a regular occurrence for there maintenance of youthful-looking revitalised skin. However, to the cosmetic novice like myself, I would not know where to begin when looking into the possibility of a skincare treatment to rejuvenate my skin. That is why in this article we will be looking at one of the most popular skin treatments available now and these are chemical peels such as glycolic acid peels.

Glycolic Peels

What is Glycolic acid and Glycolic Peels?

Glycolic acid may sound scary especially thinking you will be using acid as a facial skin care treatment, but you can be confident that it is completely safe. This type of acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and one of the mildest acids that can be administered onto your skin. Glycolic acid can be extracted from fruits, sugar beets, and sugar cane. Glycolic peels exfoliate the skin by dissolving the walls that hold the superficial cells together in the uppermost layer of skin making it effective when treating acne, scars, fine lines, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots.

There is always a new and innovative technique being discovered in the world of science and medicine when it comes to the latest and very best skin care routines and treatments that you can undergo. But one that has shown to improve the look of your skin and reduce fine lines is glycolic peels. It is said that when your skin is in some need for some serious TLC glycolic peels is the fast and efficient way forward. Different types of peels can react differently to various skin types and ailments, but it has always been said that with glycolic peels you can always be safe as the downtime is very minimal.

What Can be Treated with A Glycolic Peel?

Throughout the cosmetic industry, the benefits of undergoing glycolic peels have been evident for everyone to see as they can be so significant. This peel helps you achieve flawless skin by stimulating natural collagen production, along with diminishing the appearance ageing and wrinkles. A glycolic acid peel can be applied to treat many skin ailments as it also lightens discolourations such as sun damage, melasma and age spots. Again, glycolic peels and their application do not stop there. It can even help skin that is prone to blackheads, whiteheads, and acne by keeping pores clear of old skin by deeply penetrating the skin to reform texture and dullness.

Office Carpet Tiles

Have you got a tired and weary carpet in your office, or perhaps you have laminate flooring that just does not look good to any clients or workers? Although a second thought to most people, a good carpet can catch the eyes of potential customers and give off an air of high class and professionalism. Our blog post considers office carpet tiles as an option for office flooring, looking at the benefits and the impact they might have.

two women sitting on sofa and floor inside gray painted room

Office Flooring Advantages

There are many advantages of installing office carpet tiles in your office, as demonstrated below:

Easy to replace

As modular tiles, when one carpet tile becomes damaged or there is a problem underneath the carpet, you can just take up the one piece of carpet rather than the whole flooring. This makes your life a lot easier especially if you are in a messy office where carpet gets stained easily or there is a high footfall that causes a wearing down of the carpet. Office carpet tiles are the perfect office flooring because of their modular properties.

Unique and tailored to your office

Again, the modular aspect of carpet tiles works in an office designer’s favour. As these are tiles and not one sheet of carpet, you can arrange the tiles in such a way that compliments the design of your office and your company colours.

Equally important is the fact that the design can fit your office, although sheet carpet is cheaper and might have a design on them, the design is not likely to fit your room exactly. With tiles, you can have them cut to size and to fit your office’s specifications. Again, the modular feature of carpet tiles reigns supreme.


Finally, the office carpet tile flooring solution is perfect for high footfall areas such as entrance halls or office floors. They last for a long time so can take different types of shoes and the dirt that they bring in. Further to this, they are easy to clean by simply running a hoover over them; consequently, no cleaning process will wear them out either.